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Zagrebin L.V., Dombaev G.C., Gunter V. E.

Siberian medical university,. Tomsk, Russia

For want of treatment with IDDM patient is traditional administration of insulin, but the receipt last in an organism not nature. Hystological findings showed for the given category of the patients the substitution islets of pancreas by a fibrose tissues, as an outcome autoimmune of aggression lymhpocytes. However islets pancreas produces a number major hormones:glucagon , somatostatin, gastrin, VIP-hormones, which in treatment IDDM and NIDDM patients traditionally are not applied. The conclusion arises one - rehabilitation of the given category of the patients by implantation of the artificially brought up organs about the purpose to compensate complications, current diabetes and immunorehabilitation. For this purpose on basis of surgical clinic A.G. Savinych of the Siberian medical university of. Tomsk the branch " Implants with shape memory " is created, where within 3 years conducts implantation of the artificially brought up organs on the porous carrier from TiNi-alloy: pancreas, liver, thymus, bone marrow, cells small intestinum, medullar, nervous tissues, kidney and also "school-teaching" lymphocytes applied electric fields and microelements in vitro. The procedure of implantation consists of introduction of artificial organs on porous TiNi-alloy intramuscular of a abdomen under local aenastesia with the help of troacar Survival of an artificial organ 2-2.5 years and more. In the remote periods of observations the stabilization of current diabetes, reduction of a doze exogene entered insulin on 40-65 of % for the patients with IDDM and on 90-95 of % for NIDDM patients such as within 2 years is marked. For all patients it was marked of the positive influence on the part of complications diabetes: neuropathy, nephropathy, angiopathy.

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